Protect Your Assets

A Custodian You Can Trust With Your Assets and Investment Future

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Everington Companies works with Charles Schwab Bank and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. in order to provide you and your employees with custody services and related online tools.

Perfect401(k)’s Plan Custodian

Charles Schwab, one of the largest financial service firms in the world, acts as the custodian for all Perfect401(k)TM retirement plan assets. To learn more about Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., click here.

Charles Schwab Fast Facts:

  • Total Client Assets of $2.46 Trillion

  • Support over 3 million retirement plan participants

  • Offers 12,808 investment funds


Perfect401(k)’s Web Service Provider

Employers and employees with a Perfect401(k)TM plan will have access to Schwab Retirement Technologies (SRT), a robust online web portal for account access. Employees are able to access their account information and balances, while employers are able to access plan information and the tools and features they need to manage their entire plan efficiently. SRT is secure, intuitive, and requires minimal upkeep. To learn more about SRT, click here.

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VWise Retirement Readiness Tools

Employees who use SRT may also have access to customized online retirement guidance, including whether the employee is “on track” for their retirement. The system also makes recommendations for the employee, which may be carried out at the employees’s discretion with the click of a button.