Investment Freedom

Investment Options Should Be About Choice, Not a PROVIDER'S FEES

Investment Options for Every Investor

Perfect401(k)'s investment options are designed to give your employees as much freedom or direction as they want. Many providers limit investment options to high-priced funds where they receive financial incentives from the very funds they recommend, needlessly increasing your fees. We don’t do this. Perfect401(k)TM avoids such conflicts of interest by always putting plan participant interests first. We give your employees high-quality, low-cost investments options, with customizable levels of investment advice.

Your employees will have the option of choosing one of our three Investor Profiles, based upon how involved they would like to be in the investment process.


Fully-Managed Profile

PRO Account Portfolios

Employees seeking the maximum level of investment assistance can choose to delegate the ongoing management of their personal 401(k) accounts to a Perfect401(k)TM investment professional. They will choose from one of our 3 actively-managed PRO Account Portfolios, according to their risk preference and investment style: Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive.

See below for more information about our “PRO Accounts.”


Guided Profile

Core Funds Account

Perfect401(k)TM also offers a simplified list of nearly 20 low-cost, high-quality mutual funds to choose from. Our customized “Core Funds Portfolio” lets employees select from our simplified list of hand-picked, high performing investments, such as Vanguard, Schwab, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Please contact us to learn more about our Core Funds List.


Self-Directed Profile

Personal Brokerage Window Account

If employees prefer to actively manage their own 401(k) investments, to also include individual stocks and bonds, they can establish a self-directed brokerage-window account with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Under this option, employees will be granted total discretion and responsibility over all their investment selections, asset allocation, and trade executions—which means they will have all the investment flexibility enjoyed by experienced investors.

Interested in Our PRO Account Portfolios?*

Employees who select Perfect401(k)TM PRO Account Portfolios will allow our investment professionals to completely manage their accounts for them—from selecting funds to processing trades—on a fully discretionary basis. Portofolio management services are provided by Wellington Consulting Services, Inc., our investment advisory entity registered with the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC). Because we recognize every employee has unique investment needs, Perfect401(k)TM offers a suite of 3 distinct model portfolios with differing risk preferences and time-frames relative to each other. The portfolios' management objectives are to optimize performance over the targeted investment time horizon of each portfolio. Portfolio names ("Conservative", "Moderate" & "Aggressive") are intended to depict their risk profiles on a relative basis to each other, rather than any objective or absolute basis.

For the investor with a short-term investment horizon, and therefore a low tolerance for short-term risk, this portfolio includes funds that will likely maintain fairly consistent values from year to year. Although it may not grow as quickly as the other portfolio options, the Conservative Portfolio is perfect for those who are close to retirement, or who want to minimize volatility in their investments.  

 *Representative portfolio allocation only. Portfolio allocation subject to change without notice. Mutual funds and ETFs are not FDIC insured and may lose value. Prior performance may not be indicative of future results. Portfolio objectives regarding performance, volatility and investment time-frames may not be realized. The performance benchmark for the Conservative portfolio is 80% fixed-income (Treasury Bills); 20% equities (S&P 500), however actual portfolio allocations and resultant performance may differ substantially. Please adjust your Model Portfolio selection or contact your investment representative if your investment time horizons or investment objectives change.  Investments selected for each portfolio allocation are made with the judgement and care, under circumstances then prevailing, which persons of prudence, discretion and intelligence exercise in the management of their own affairs, not for speculation, but for investment, considering the probable safety of capital as well as the probable income and growth to be derived.