Million Year Mission

Because we believe in doing important things the right way...

Million Year Mission





The “Million Year Mission” is the embodiment of Everington’s focus on increasing the number of years in retirement that our Perfect401(k)TM plan participants are able to enjoy  by reducing the excess costs that they needlessly pay within our competitors’ 401(k) plans.


Reduced 401(k) Plan Costs = Higher Retirement Account Balances = More Years Enjoying Retirement!  

Our “mission” is to earn an additional 1,000,000 YEARS for our 401(k) plan participants to enjoy in their collective retirements.

Our plan to accomplish this goal is simple: we will keep our pricing low. That way, our clients’ investments are free to grow, unhindered by hidden fees or kick-backs to brokers. Therefore, our clients can choose to retire sooner and enjoy retirement longer with more money to live comfortably.

We also give our plan participants the tools they need to learn how their choices will affect their savings. With our Retirement Readiness Tools, employees can track their progress and see their projected balance at retirement. They can even view how changing their monthly deferral rate will affect their retirement in the long-run. By receiving up-to-date estimates of how much money they will need to retire, employees can plan to meet their goals earlier and retire sooner.

We work hard to save your employees money so that they can save time.