Easy Implementation

We make switching plans or implementing a new one nearly effortless

Plan Set-Up Service

We make it quick and easy to set up or convert your 401(k) Plan.  Our Plan Implementation Team will manage all aspects of the process, including:

           ♦ Plan design assistance

           ♦ Preparation of enrollment materials

           ♦ Coordination of asset transfers

           ♦ Contribution submission training

           ♦ And more!

Enrollment Timeline

Here’s what will happen once you choose Perfect401(k)TM as your plan.

Step 1: Contact Us

To start, all it takes is a 10-minute phone call. One of our New Business Team Representatives will welcome you to the plan and ask you a few basic questions about your company. Then, we will send you a Plan Questionnaire, where you will choose your plan's features and designate your plan's trustees.

Step 2: Create Your Plan

Next, you will receive a Plan Sponsor Applications Package, which will establish your account with Charles Schwab Bank (where the plan's assets will be held).

After you review your new Perfect401(k)TM Plan's provisions, you will sign the final plan documents. Your representatives at Perfect401(k)TM will take it from there!

Step 3: Start Saving!

Our Perfect401(k)TM team will host a webcast or visit your office (travel permitting) to teach your employees about how to enroll online. We will also provide training to plan administrators and work directly with your current plan custodian to transfer all your assets to Charles Schwab Bank.

All that's left is for you or your payroll provider to begin making salary deferral contributions. Welcome to Perfect401(k)TM!